Our Cows

About our Girls- This dairy has been in the Baily Family for 4 generations. The family particularly favors an old breed of dairy cattle called American Lineback. Linebacks are an old English breed that is easily recognizable by speckles, a dark muzzle, solid dark ears and a white stripe down their back. About 80% of the herd are Linebacks. Each family member also has their own favorite breed. The rest of the herd is composed of purebred Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Holstein, Jersey, and Milking Shorthorn cattle mixed together in the fields.

Our girls are fed a grass based diet. You can often find them grazing in our pastures between milkings. We have about 80 cows in the milking herd and they are milked twice a day in a double-4 parlor. The entire milking process takes about 10 minutes for each cow and then they are able to go back out into the field to graze or into the freestall barn to rest. We never use rBST or any other hormone to increase growth or milk production. The Baily family takes great pride in running a successful small dairy operation, while at the same time allowing "cows to be cows" and giving them proper treatment. We breed our cows for conformation and longevity, not for milk production. Many of the cows in the herd are over 10 years old and we are very proud of that! We love our cows and we are always proud to show them off. For more info please stop by the farm during store hours or shoot us an email. We are always glad to answer cow questions!

Our milk is pasteurized and bottled right at the farm. We deliver the milk to about 25 other markets and restaurants in the area. After our orders are filled, we stock our own farm store. Visitors are welcome to the store to purchase our products at wholesale price.