We now offer Group Tours and Birthday Parties

Baily's Dairy is the perfect venue for your next birthday party. Parties theme centers around activitied related to a working farm. Special attention is given to the birthday child throughout the duration of the farm tour. With parental permission, children can assist with different (age appropriate) activities. They may be asked to help feed a newborn baby calf or hand feed hay to the cows! Ice cream cones full of grain will be provided for every party member to feed to the goats, sheep, and ducks. You can take group pictures with one of our extra friendly Momma cows. If a baby animal is born on your party date, it may even be named after the birthday child!

Seating, ice, plates, utensils, and napkins will all be provided. The party barn will also have a candy filled pinata, farm toys, a corn box, and other "farm themed" games. We want this to be a fun, educational, and memorable experience for the little ones. And the adults are sure to enjoy themselves as well!

Donuts are from Northbrook Marketplace and are arranged in a "tower" and drizzled with icing and sprinkles. Pizzas are delivered during the party from Lenape Pizza. Parents are welcome to bring additional food/snacks.

Click here for party options. Please contact Meredith with any questions: 484 883-1635 Baily12@aol.com Fax-610-793-1171